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Yes, the people inside the website called Dancing Bear just wanna have fun and really party hard! First- the ladies enjoy that they have free access to the male strippers in bear costumes. They like\love that this is the way it has to be – a pack of horny ladies entertained by this meaty good looking long cocked stripper. That is the whole theme of all the content that this place produces. But it’s not all that simple; you still want to know about quality, Quantity, Entertainment value, Plus all other technical detail about the website – now don’t you? Okay let’s start the party friends!

Sun’s Dancing Bear Review

There are like 3 types of ladies inside this place. First one will be looking on, sipping, and squealing as she watches others do things, and she will not take part but is keenly enjoying herself. This kind of lady will yell moans when she is in the mood. Lady type 2 – this one is fifty-fifty about taking part, sometimes touching sometimes watching and sometimes turning herself on by masturbating. Inside door number 3 – this type will be all over the male models, licking the male dick, touch the balls, swallowing the load, climbing on top of the stripper cock and cuming on it.

This kind of lady is wild and she is here for just one night so it’s all going to happen and she will enjoy! That is the sort of thinking going through the participant’s heads. Anyway, there is lots of each type so the scenes vary from one to the next.

This is an interesting website because they have managed to squeeze every good professional stuff about the website into an intelligent design. Okay maybe it’s not like the most brag type of design that you can get; but with the previews and titles, you can guess the gist of things.

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They don’t have pop ups thank goodness. In addition, they have a unique way of filming the movies. Since its large groups of people, they definitely have many cameras working and then they edit together the videos back at the shop. Male strippers (and the company they work for) can be hired for a large array of reasons –parties, birthdays, presents, etc. parties normally have 1 stripper or maybe 2 at a time.

Once you frequently visit the site, you will like it with all the movies being 40-minutes and longer in many cases. The site and content seems well kept at regular updates, and they have information on the performers if you want that. The Dancing Bear discount got attractive elements of cfnm hardcore scenes that are as debauched and wild as they want to be, and technically beautiful films. Increasing the speed of the updates will be nice, but other than that, this website impresses very much! Check them out.

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