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The job description of Fake Agent is not like the normal casting agent looking for models for all types of advertisements and functions. Normal agents have a hell of job trying to find and convince the right babe to work with them. Now imagine if the agent was looking for models who will agree for the first time to be hardcore fucked and filmed? That job sounds a lot harder (much like the way your groin is going to be once you start with videos here!) Anyway, the agents sent to interview the models in this pornsite are only pretending to be agents. They really are not, but only you and the agent know this. The models cast really think this is the break into the modelling world they have been waiting on.

Sun’s Fake Agent Review

And so, the agent takes care of them. He tells them the right things they need to be convinced. The work will be plentiful. The fame will be immediate and the ladies believe the information that is given by the casting agent. It seems the key to making the ladies do anything for this gent is to make sure the babes are comfortable. Then slowly increase the tempo all the time making everything seem natural and light-hearted. Telling the babes that they need to be naked in order for the agent to know if they have the body that the film director is looking for is a trick that works countless times.

And with soft and hard convincing and psychological manipulative techniques, the agent is soon having the man-meat being sucked on by the wet mouth of the babe. Soon all pretences of refusal have been vanquished! The babe will be taking it up the arse doggy style, spread-eagle on the table fucked, creampied on the casting couch, and more. This place, well it has over 580 films xxx casting porn videos on the ready. This Fake Agent discount pornsite will not be offering pictures. Its cause of the casting type of videos they make, but the videos are enough to transfix you on your chair for hours.

Today, they normally have lots of babes cast from eastern European places. They also normally upload full screen HD resolution. The ladies come with flexible limbs, slim, tattoos, and all different kinds of boobs and facial features. But always and since they started they have always been able to cast beautiful ladies. In each video description, you will know things, and you will be able to stream or download. You can search, and normally the videos will blur the face of the male agent. You can save the favourite films you see and watch latter on. There are tags used for filtering. Members comment and related scenes information is also offered

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When they started, they were fast in uploading and have now reduced that speed to 2 or 3 scenes a month. But and this is terrific also, you have access to Fake Hub Network.

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