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Jim Slip is 100% not the kind of person you would normally be expecting to have xxx hardcore films and maybe it is partly cause of the appearance of the dude. The guy simply looks like any normal fellow you may meet on the streets with glasses on, and even has a wife. According to what we read online inside the site, the wife is supposedly the person filming. And the site has tagged itself as being the perfect place to see amateur British females fucked by Jim filmed by wife and filled with scenes for fans to fret over.

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The website, you can say, plays on the old-young hardcore niche, the dude being mature and the babes as slutty and young as they are, they give amazing amateur performances. You can say too that this pornsite is a goldmine of amateur models and new faces. The thing about amateurs is you get many variations of performances and of body types as well. Seen here are some blondes, redheads, different European ethnicities as well since the content is filmed in the UK. The amateurs are a cross section of girls who may show inexperience or coyness, to those who have zero qualms and want Jim’s cock so bad. You will locate so many new different nymphomaniacs inside this place.

The JimSlip discount has 18 year olds in skimpy uniforms and costumes, to fishnet wearing big titty females, and Jim slips cock inside all of them! This pussy professor knows the way to make the babes cream on his shlong, or make the babe squirt out some of her fine juices. He has to know all these tricks to the business considering how he hunts down the babes from the streets. The guy is a smooth talker confident and gets his prey 99% of the time. This pornsite with 680+ films is also used for the purpose of connecting with fans via comments and ratings that they do. You will find the site addresses you personally as well as works hard to give information. That is why they do nice descriptions of the updates. It is your choice if you want to stream or download.

It is your prerogative on what kind of resolution video you would like first. Like others online, older films have smaller resolution or sizes while updates are full HD resolution (thanks to better camera tech). Sometimes you do not find any picture album attached to a film update, and you get upset, but you should not because there are still 600+ picture galleries inside. There are zip files. Sometimes some interview is done just to let you know about the girls a bit. Sometimes Jim finds a babe who immediately is attracted to the dude, and sometimes he has to work at the cunny until she gives in!

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The camera shots are close, wide, handheld, and in different positions depending on how the performers are fucking. What’s different definitely are the locations, indoors and outside, this website is a personal locker for Jim as he tells you of travels and adventures, places he’s gone, all videos of course being exclusive. Also, bonus material from Laras Playground pornsite is available as long as you deal with this pornsite and its collection. There will be more to discover from JimSlip – do sign up!

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