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Submissived is the place where sex meets punishment meets misbehavior meets discipline! The place contains young females who are so ill behaved that the only thing they listen to is a commanding master. The website takes the slave-master submission idea and then use it together with their ideas. So for example, some of the ladies are stripped and spanked. Some are gagged so that saliva chockes them as they get anally poked. Some are tied up so they can’t squirm out of the way of the cock that is ready to dig in them. On those special episodes, there is also this fierce looking female dominating and punishing the male submissive. And sometimes its 2 lady masters versus one dude. But normally this place is making the already naughty females submit to the will of the guys.

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Another kind of special video that you will see inside will be about the female fan who breaks into a pornstar model home and is caught and punished by being made to lick the body and pussy and given orgasms as well. The vignette productions here love playing on the intruder-into-the-house kind of storytelling. Like some depraved person breaks in and makes the ass and tits of the females their playthings sexually.

Maybe a bit of a difference between this Submissived discount pornsite and the hardcore bdsm sites are the props that are used in the extreme bdsm movies. If the babes here are made to submit, you’d expect to see lots of chains, whips, nipple clamps, leather masks, dungeons, sex toys, etc. But for this pornsite, they film around the house, and they don’t have too much leather and dungeon kind of vibe. Like if the babes are tied down, it’s with simple ropes, or if she is being spanked, it’s with the bare hand. Normally the male controls the hands and feet of the babe by manipulating them into positions that leave the ass up in the air, or makes sure the babe takes the cock deep in her throat. For shutting up the whining babe, the guy uses her panties to gag her mouth silent so that the guy can fuck her relentlessly.

Inside (ps: the website comes from the Team Skeet Studio), activities that the members engage in include rating of films, and reading the filthy write-ups of the movies. The place has like 118 videos. These videos, in their full-length formats, are playing for thirty minutes, that’s on average, it could be slightly longer. You can say a big welcome to pictures sets, zip files, model index, high resolution photography, no downloading limitations, formats that include 540p 720p and 1080p, and streaming. The pictures are of the action of punishment and pleasure, or they are of the female modeling in different poses for you.

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Apart from submission, there is also humiliation happening for ladies caught doing masturbation in the tub, or those who refuse to follow the discipline of their masters. If you take the stories done here too seriously, you’ll not enjoy the fun that the movies are showing, and you’ll be thinking how ridiculous they are and that will take you out of the mood. An upgrade to 4K resolution will of course be heavenly since its razor sharp quality will really pop out on your screen, and we hope that they do this. Check out Submissived today.

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